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PX-0 Bartholomew Kuma Released
hamzafahidData: Segunda, 20/08/2012, 4:49 PM | Mensagem # 1
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here is my kuma from one piece
read the "read me" for credits,movelist and other stuff

note :
AI WORKS WITH AILevel so it's based on the difficulty of your mugen

video :

update 23/08/12
what's new?
added 2 lv2 new super:
-a laser based move
-a move that repels enemy and blocks they're attack(like projectiles)
improved AI
a button is 2 hit combo now
highed jump a bit and added high jump when crouching
new run punch
fixed lv1 super that didn't work against some chars
slowed some animations
range of tsuppari pad ho is higher
made laser effects more yellow
better chaining
fixed lot of other things too lazy to write them xD

link :
play,enjoy and comment :)

Mensagem editada por hamzafahid - Quinta, 23/08/2012, 9:06 AM
benhazardData: Segunda, 20/08/2012, 10:59 PM | Mensagem # 2
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I don't watch One piece, but there are several things you can provide,

-Your char don't have any cost of jungle, so, the P2 can be Knoked forever. please, fix this

-His basic Combo are i little hard to do, and very boring, is always A,B,B,C. i know that build moves, or customs is boring, but is not really hard make some variations.

-Hi ground.velocity and air.velocity are too big. reduce a little, because it let the fight to slow.

there are another issues, but what i cited above are the most important to do.

anyway, good Work, keep on it! bomUp
hamzafahidData: Quinta, 23/08/2012, 9:07 AM | Mensagem # 3
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thx for the feedback i'm going to make a update :D
for the combos there are more only that i made the command a bit more difficult
like normal punch-speacial-super

Added (23/08/2012, 9:07 AM)
update released check first post

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